Monday, June 12, 2017

Kids get the "screamies" and I want a coffee break

A new day, a fresh day with no mistakes in it....yet. I think Annie of Green Gables might have said something along those lines. I don't feel like looking it up. Lazy, I guess. I am already feeling defeated before the day even really starts. Hmmmmm.....

Before, like in college and before kids, I used the beginning of a new day as a natural reset button. It feels logical to start over on a new day. The sun will come out tomorrow kind of thing. In the past, if I was having a really difficult time, I would check out for the day, isolate myself, read in my bed, watch TV, cancel all activities, etc. Not exact 100% healthy, but it kept me going.

I definitely can't do that now. As much as I'd like to check out until I can start again tomorrow, I have two itsy bitsy kids who need me to stay checked in.

SO how can I click the "reset button" during the day? I am really limited in what I can do.

I would LIKE to go for a run. Make a cup of coffee and read on the porch. Go to church and pray a rosary. Take a 15 minute nap. But I can't do those things right now, because what are these kiddos going to do? But, by the time I can coordinate a last minute babysitter, if I can do it (which has more to do with me admitting I need help), it seems to turn out more stressful then if I would have just let it go. Missed nap times, missed meals, missed poopy diapers resulting in diaper rashes, them just needing more mommy attention and getting the "screamies"...

I feel so guilty about using television. I feel like I need to figure out another way to "save the day". This week, I'm like, "NO MORE TV". But it's Monday morning at 7:00am and I've already caved.

What do you do? How do you reset in the middle (or beginning) of the day?

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