Saturday, February 9, 2013

Learn to Love Your Softness

I struggle with body-bashing.

For years, I believed that I was fat and ugly and not good enough to be loved.  I hated my body.  I hated having curves, a squishy tummy, and a round face.

Every time I looked in the mirror, I found something that was wrong with the way I looked.  I would analyze every square inch of my body and take stock of all the imperfections.  From head to toe, I criticized my appearance.  My hair was too frizzy.  My collar bones didn’t protrude enough.  My shoulders were too broad.  My stomach was too flabby.  My butt wasn’t the right shape.  My thighs shouldn’t rub together.  My knees bent inward instead of out...Yada, yada, yada...

My expectations were ridiculous.

In my head, in front of the mirror, my objectives are important.  On paper, they seem irrelevant and reading it kind of makes me laugh.  Why do I believe that these “imperfections” are making me unhappy?  What is really making me unhappy is the belief that I have to look a certain way.

It is perfectly perfect for me to be the size and shape that I am.  God created me THIS WAY.

Every time I find myself talking negatively or body-bashing, I try to thank God for the gift of my body.  For example, if I am lamenting over the lack of definition in my arms, I thank God for giving me two healthy functioning arms.  With my arms, I can knit, play piano, draw a picture, give a hug, hold a baby, cook a delicious meal, and much more.

If I am sulking about the softness of my tummy, I thank God that my belly will (hopefully!) one day carry a new life for nine months.  What an incredible miracle that would be!  The same goes for my chest.  To one day be able to nourish a newborn child would be an amazing experience.

When I turn my complaining into gratitude, I immediately start to feel better.

Trying to change my appearance to meet society’s standards will NOT make me happy.  It is a never ending road of lies.

I was created the way I am for a unique purpose.  And I thank God for the gift of my body which enables me to fulfill my purpose.

The next time you find yourself body-bashing in front of a mirror, walk away.  The next time you come back to the mirror, thank God for just one thing about your body.  Taking these small steps will help you realize your value.  Loving yourself for the way you are is the only way you will be truly happy about the way you look.

Until next time, TAKE CARE you!



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