Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Praying in the Midst of Anxiety

{Photo of St. Remy's by Craig Borchers}
Dear Jesus and Mary,

My anxiety level is extremely high.  I am having trouble focusing on one thought at a time.  Even as I write this my mind is working faster than I can think.  I can’t keep up with my own brain.  I am sorry for being so distracted here with you in adoration.  I desire to just sit and be in Your presence…to just BE.  Yet, I can’t shut down my think tank; I can’t even bring it down a couple notches to a manageable level. 

My heart is pounding, my head is aching, and my vision is blurry.  I don’t think that my prayers are effective when I am in this state of being.  Blessed Mother, I trust that you can take any prayer and bring good out of it.  Take this pathetic attempt and refine it into the most beautiful gold offering for your worthy Son.

I feel like I am either holding my breath, or I am taking in too much air and not exhaling.  I want to exhale deeply to let go of the air I am holding onto in my lungs.  Symbolically, I want to let go of all the thoughts that are running rampant in my head as well.  Jesus, My Lord and My God, You are the only ONE, Oh my Lord, the only One who matters.  All else is nothing.  All else is nothing.

Jesus I trust in You.  I will trust that you’ve given me the gift of thought and memory.  I will trust that you will take care of me and help me to remember those things which you want me to remember.  Now help me to let go, so my mind will be clear of clutter.  Empty my mind and fill it with You!

Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.  Let it be done unto me according to Your Word.  Do not forsake your child.  Amen.


  1. These words are beautiful and so are you, my sweet sister <3

    1. YOU are beautiful, my sweeter sister;)