Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I have typed and deleted this post about 27 times now...

{just a little backyard flower to remind you of the summer}
I have deleted this post and rewritten it many times in the past several weeks.

I couldn’t figure out if I wanted to do it or not.

After thinking about it for while, I’ve come up with some conclusions.

The cons of my argument were basically that I didn’t want to portray a story of self-loathing to get pity.  I hate reading sarcastic complaining or inadvertent self-degradation in order to get a compliment.  I didn’t want to come across like that at all.

Pros:  I must admit that reading honest stories of other people’s struggles have personally helped me very much.  You see, I thought that I was alone with my problems.  But, I read about other people who saw the world as I did and that was very comforting.  I learned a lot from reading about other people’s experiences.  If I can do the same for at least one other person, then it is worth it.

I have also asked myself about what I am interested in reading in a blog or what made those particular blogs appealing to me.  Well, first, I love reading inspirational stories, stories that make me hopeful and encouraged.  There is too much bad in the world as it is.  Second, I like reading about helpful tips to improve your life or helpful things that I have never thought of before.   Also, I like reading things that make me laugh.  But most of all, I love reading about people’s real life journeys.  I love reading honest accounts of survival in this world today.  I love reading about people who live life differently, or against the flow.  I love reading about people who are seeking truth, honesty, beauty, goodness, and, ultimately, Catholicism.

My conclusion is to try to write in this way.

So, after that long disclaimer, I think I am ready to begin.

“Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.”

I will start by sharing with you some of my favorite bloggers who have helped me tremendously these past few years.  I might have quoted them in this blog before.  Each one has influenced me and helped shape me into a better person.  You will see similarities in style and objective.   I will not deny that I have stolen their ideas and techniques.  But in gathering all of the information from these blogs, I have transformed it into something new.  I am a unique person, therefore, I have something to offer that no one else can; my point of view.
I am going to have to keep you in suspense, however.
You will have to stay tuned until next time for the meat and potatoes of my story.

For now, just satisfy your hunger for honesty with some of the following posts from the masters:

Health at Every Size:

The Fat Nutritionist:


  1. Mary, I just love the honesty in your blog. I have read all your posts and everything is becoming clear. Remember that time you ran the canal and the alligator popped up? I laughed out loud just thinking about it. Just thought you might like to check out this other blog.
    It is an awesome Catholic family and they are just filled with honesty and beauty. I love the pictures they take around their home for their blog. Hope you are well.

  2. Oh my gosh, do I remember that alligator! I turned around and ran as fast as I could back to campus! I think I was shaking for like three days! I never ran that canal path again...
    I will definitely check out that blog. Looks good! I love your blog too! I look at it every day. I dream about doing crafts and projects like that with my kids someday. Someday... Hope you are doing well!