Thursday, December 6, 2012

Encouraging Thought for the Day

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When I am getting worried or anxious about unimportant things, first, I chew a piece of gum.  If that doesn't work, I do this…

Close your eyes and think of a place with beautiful music, glorious sounds of choirs and instruments.  Imagine music so beautiful that when it reaches our ears you cry tears of joy.

Think of a grand feast.  You are invited to sit at a banquet and dine with everyone you love.

Imagine the most comfortable place ever.  Think of the most comfortable bed with fluffiest pillows and smoothest textures.

Picture the most beautiful sight you have ever seen.  Think about a sunset over the most amazing mountain range where the fog is intermingling with the trees.  Think of a gorgeous ocean view that has no end.  Think of a night sky filled with unimaginable solar systems and colors not yet known to man.

Inhale a deep breath through your nose and smell the most glorious smell.  Whatever is pleasing to your senses like roses or another flower, exotic spices, fresh herbs, baking bread, cookies straight from the oven, incense at church, candles in a store, and any other smell you enjoy.

Imagine you have pure enlightenment of the mind.  Imagine you finally have complete understanding and wisdom about everything there ever was and is to know.  You will have no more questions, no more confusion, and just clear, simple truth.

Look into your heart and realize that you have complete peace.  You have a peace that surpasses all understanding.  There are no more deadlines, no more proving yourself, no more expectations, no time, no space, no restrictions, no fear.

Your emotions are calm.  Your love is pure and true.  And your spirit is filled with joy.

Where is this place?

It’s Heaven.

We profess in the Apostle’s Creed belief in “the resurrection of the body”.

Will we not keep our senses as they are a part of our body?

Now, if that isn’t enough motivation to try to get to Heaven, then I don’t know what is!

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