Monday, December 3, 2012

Day Twelve – Rhyme and Reflection

My family said Germans can’t write poems.

“We’re too practical and efficient.” They said.

For years, I believed this ridiculousness.

But then I said, “Ha!” and wrote one anyway.

The follow is a rebellion against those who deem the arts as useless.


But For the Grace of God
By Mary Borchers

The one you see in the check-out line
The one you see at the stop sign
The one you see out of the corner of your eye
The one you see who’s living the lie

I am the person crying alone
I am the spirit that hasn’t been shown
I am the careless one you’ve thought
I am the poor no longer sought

Each one of us would be that soul
The one you see who’s taken toll
But for the grace of God we’d be
Oh, glory, laud, and honor Thee

If nothing else be there to do
Pray for those beat and for you too
Not one of us can take the credit
For the blessings we inherit

If strikes your heart to give a gift
To bridge the gap of the great rift
Do not delay your thoughts desire
Tomorrow will there be no fire

If we ignore for far too long
No more we sing our Maker’s song
But for the grace of God we’d be
Without victory or eternity


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