Monday, October 14, 2013

To help you overcome depression, pray to your Guardian Angel

Every since we were young, we’ve been instructed to pray to our Guardian Angels to protect us from harm, right?  If you are like me, then it has become part of your daily invocations.  The old prayer, “Angel of God, my Guardian Dear…” is so ingrained in my mind that I don’t even think about the words anymore.
I believe in the reality of my Guardian Angel; it’s not just some old superstitious habit.  Although, I think I still have a child-like view of the matter.  Subconsciously, I pray to be protected from falling off my bike or getting hurt on the playground.  Because, that prayer was a part of my childhood, I see the angels as childhood protectors.  Yes, it is true that they protect children.  However, your Angel can protect you as an adult too – and not just from physical harm.  Your Guardian Angel can protect you from sin.

When I was tormented by severe depressive thoughts, I began to pray to Guardian Angel to save me from my stupid self.  I prayed to my Angel to help me get through what I knew I couldn’t conquer on my own.

Ever since that experience, I’ve graduated my Guardian Angel into my adult life.  I pray for help all throughout the day and especially during the moments when I am tempted to despair.

This morning, something cool happened to me…

I was having a particularly rough time defeating my depressive thoughts.  Commonly, depression is often the most difficult to overcome at night and first thing in the morning.  For me, the mornings are the worst.  It takes everything in my being to get myself out of bed in the morning.  The temptations are to believe that there is “no point”.  “Why get out of bed, you’re a useless, lazy bum and have nothing to offer to the world?” 

So, this morning, I started praying to my Guardian Angel to help me get out of bed and praise God for the gift of another day of life.  After a few moments of pitiful, pleading prayers, the smoke detector start to beep – not in the fire alarm way, but in the low battery way.  If you’ve ever tried to sleep when something is beeping every few seconds, you know it will drive you mad.  So, I got up with the intention to change the battery or at least dismantle the whole thing to get it to stop.  While in the hallway, I tried to figure out which of the two alarms it was, but it didn’t beep again.  I waited…and waited…nothing.  Then a big smile crossed my face.  It is now many hours later and the smoke detector has yet to beep again.

With God, there are no coincidences.

Thank you, Guardian Angel, for helping me overcome my depressive thoughts this morning.

A different…
Prayer to One’s Guardian Angel
(Daily Protector throughout Life)

Dear Angel, in His Goodness, God gave you to me to guide, protect, and enlighten me, and to bring me back to the right way when I go astray.  Encourage me when I am disheartened, and instruct me when I err in my judgment.  Help me to become more Christ-like, and so some day to be accepted into the company of Angels and Saints in heaven.

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