Saturday, March 30, 2013

Courage Prayer

{Taste of Summer, right around the corner, Photo by Me:)}
“Courage is not the lack of fear; it is doing what is right in spite of being afraid.”
-Variation from an Ambrose Redmoon quote

Prayer for Fortitude

Dear Jesus, lay Your Wounded Hand

Upon my weary head,

And teach me to have courage

In the paths that I must tread.

Bless me, and bless those whom I love,

And give us grace to see

These crosses bravely borne by us

Will keep us close to Thee.

And if at times a shadow falls

In unexpected ways,

Put Your gentle Hand in mine

And guide me through the days.

So bless my people, one and all,

With Thy protecting grace,

And impart to them Thy Wisdom

Ere they meet Thee face to face.


-Excerpt from the Catholic Book of Prayers, Catholic Book Publishing Co., New York, 1990.

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